Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Days.. and counting

I can't believe we are only 30 days out from Ironman Coz. Wow.. time does fly (in some respects)! This week has been a rest week for me (well, in perspective.. only 14 or so hours!) and I've been enjoying getting a bit more sleep and catching up on a few things from the past two weeks. In fact, I was having a conversation with one of my athletes this week and I said "why aren't you saying anything - are you there?" and he said "yeah, this is the most you've talked in two weeks and I'm just letting you roll with it!" Well, I guess that means - I'm back to the land of the living!

Before I was able to get to this week though - I had to get through my longest run of the training. That was this past Sunday. It would be 3 hours and I covered a LOT more ground than I thought I would because I did it on the Montour trail. I LOVE this trail because it is flat, fast, and gravel so it's easy on the legs. Jeremy and Jocelyn were even kind enough to meet me at mile five and run for six or so. They were so sweet to do this considering that they had basically just taken two full weeks off since Kona and I was bustin the move to keep my heart rate up on this run. Jeremy wasn't saying a word during most of the three miles he spent with us so I had a feeling his legs were not enjoying it AT ALL : )
Then they left, and it was time to do some more work. I had around 13-14 more miles to go by my calculations and I knew it might be tough, but I was going to work hard and enjoy the beauty of this absolutely gorgeous fall day around me. The weather was so perfect and I was thankful to be alive and able to run!

I think sometimes Ironman training, or any new challenge, is like this tunnel. You can't really see what's beyond the opening, but you know it's there and you just have to keep pushing until you can finally break through and see for yourself. There are times when you feel like the end is not even in sight, and you wonder if you'll make it, or if it will even be as enjoyable as you think it is when you get there. However, we just keep pressing on, learning about ourselves and enjoying the journey to the end, hoping eventually.. we make it.
Once through, I'm thinking it will be even more beautiful than I imagined (just like the view right after the tunnel on Sunday).
When I got my new running shoes last week, I knew it would be the pair I was wearing for the race. I always write the date I got them so I know when I'm getting close to needing a new pair. However, this time I wrote myself a little note so I would remember that all these long runs and rides and swims will be worth it when these babies cross the finish line!
Remember my bad garmin strap chaffing from last week (I certainly do!)
I came up with a solution - clear medical tape right over the chaffing! It's working like a charm!! Humm.. now is this patentable?
Some new socks to keep me happy and smiling when I run!
My new Ballou Skies top from SPLISH finally arrived!! I'm excited to break this out for the race!! Thanks to Dawn for getting it done!! I love it!

In other news, Kim tagged me so next week I will be doing my little list of questions like she did this week - which was HILARIOUS I might add (in usual Kim fashion)! So I'm looking forward to that!!

Another fellow blogger is doing some awesome thing called Spreading Aloha To The Marshallese." You know her, you love her - Bree Wee!! I'm sending over some used shoes next week so please help her out and send some used shoes, or a donation or anything to help spread Holiday cheer to these people. Amazing Bree - as always - thanks for your spirit!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I have a little computrainer test today that should tell us what I'm going to ride in Coz - LET the FUN BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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