Monday, November 1, 2010

Friday Mini Puke and Halloween Fun!

I try not to look at my weekly workout schedule too far in advance. I've found this method works particularly well for those really long weekends or extremely hard run sets that I tend to not want to really mentally note until the very MOMENT I put on the running shoes or cycling shoes. For me, it just doesn't make sense to obsess, dread or any other darn thing about the workout before it comes. There is still much preparation that goes into that time before - bottles are filled, gels, headlamps and other necessary elements are always packed - but the workout itself is seen and then forgotten.

I tried to do that with Friday's workout, but it didn't really work. I knew it would hurt and hurt-it-did.

You see, I had a very special first date planned with my friend Chad's computrainer (which I am waiting for a sponsorship myself or the computrainer fairy to show up - so if you know where she is please send her over, I need one!).

Instead of wining and dining it, I would merely say a few nice words (oh - looking cute today - wanna go for a spin?) and then locked the bike in for 3 x 45 mins sufferfest. Yikes.. double yikes.. this was going to hurt - times three. The goal was simple, stick to the heart rate, stick to the cadence and see what happens with the wattage over these three sessions. I have NEVER had a wattage type test in my entire life and I was kind of like a kid at Christmas ready to open up my little wattage box and see what was inside. I realize power isn't everything. However, without a baseline, it's hard to know how you are improving. Granted, it's a little late in the season, but we both knew this would be a pretty good indication of what I would ride in Cozumel.

What I realized about this device is much like running - there is no where to hide. You control the two variables (heart rate and cadence) and you control the world. On the IM AZ course you get a downhill - you have to shift to a harder gear - no free speed here - heart rate and cadence reign.. and oh did they.

I was so hungry at lunch I just HAD to eat something before I peaced out for the rest of the afternoon. Yes, once again living the life of a professional triathlete (who is trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy in my personal life - aka - remain married).

Once at Chad's (my friend who so graciously allowed me a little time with his baby), I suited up and put down the towels.. I knew it would be hard, but I had no idea just how hard.

The first interval started and I was feeling good. I saw great numbers and I was pleasantly surprised.. cool I thought.. until 5 mins had passed.. and I looked down.. and I was at 12 mins. 12 MINUTES - it feels like I've been on here for hours - I'm already tired! My legs were screaming and my lunch from an hour and a half ago was already starting to revolt against me.

It was going to be me against this machine.. I started sweating like crazy and I turned the music up louder.. I gritted my teeth and made small noises of pain and anguish. Poor Chad.. he had to use the same computer to do some work in the afternoon so I was there.. right beside him.. trying not to whimper to much!

All in all, I got it done. I put some respectable numbers on the board.. and I managed not to puke in his basement (but it was close - numerous times - note to self.. no vegetable lasagna before hard bike session).

In the end, I had done my best and it was something I could feel pretty good about.

Saturday was a long run and then of course - one of my favorite times of year - Halloween! We went out with some friends and had a blast.

I LOVE getting dressed up and to be quite honest - I have a WHOLE box of costumes that the hardest part is trying to choose which one. The Indian (sewn by yours truly back in college by the way) was chosen this year due to Indian booties that are actually slippers. Some of the other costumes required heels and that was just NOT happening!

Kyle was a pirate (ARRGGHH!) He received lots of compliments on not looking like himself, which I guess on Halloween is perfect! Scary!!

Morgan should have come over - I could have outfitted her with a costume for sure! She looked cute anyway!
This girl was just a hoola - hooping fool.. the back view was a little x-rated so I gave you the front.. sorry boys!
And this guy.. well.. he was just AWESOME! His shorts were SO freakin short it was quite unbelievable! I know the show this is from, but I just can't think of it! He did it perfectly though. I must have thought I was a model in this one (arm, tip head back, laugh!) ha!

Hope everyone got a lot of treats this weekend and not to many tricks!

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