Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4 days.. It's Finally Here - Cozumel or Bust!!!!

You wait, and you train.. and you get up early.. and you train some more. Then you eat, and you sleep and do massive amounts of laundry and your body revolts against you.. and then you still go out for more long rides, and long runs, and long swims! Finally, one day you wake up, and you're two weeks out from the big race.. and you start getting excited.

Then you calm yourself down, because you're still two weeks away and you don't want to use your extra energy on getting excited. Then random aches and pains start to crop up during the taper and even though you've done everything right you start to wonder - what will I feel like on race day?! Will I feel good when I hit the run? Will my legs and body cooperate for what I'm about to put it through..

Then you realize you can only control what you can control. So you just do your best to let it go. The race is the reward for weeks and months of doing what I love and now I get to do it all again, for the second time ever in succession... It's Ironman time baby... and I couldn't be more excited.

They say half the battle is getting to the starting line healthy. Well, so far (knock on some fake wood) I have done just that. By some miracle or gift from above.. I didn't even get SICK through ironman training. This is a testament to the benefits of trying to eat well, sleep enough and take some rest days. I'm also not injured, so that is a HUGE thing to be thankful for at this point.

Now, I certainly didn't get here by myself. I have been blessed to have so many family / friends / training partners / bloggers / team members and everyone else that have helped me along the way. I cannot explain how much that has meant to me. Without them, training for this just would not have been possible! That is the honest truth!! They have helped me up when I've fallen down, encouraged me when I've lost my way and given me strength to continue on through the harder times.. Here are just a FEW (not all) of those people..

My broken collarbone - for helping me to realize how lucky I am just to get to train!!
Dr. Bradley for fixing me up good as new at the beginning of the season and helping me get back to training!
The early season spinning crew, Chad, Jen, Jeremy & Jocelyn (not pictured - Matty Mo etc.)

My long time college girls - Beth, Krista & Mary Beth. All great athletes and wonderful people!!
DJ at Second Sole for being a great help and for fitting me in some great Newtons (oh and for the laughing too.. )
My Mom, for being so supportive and for just being an awesome Mom!!

Jim, my very good friend from Michigan who I met at my first race in St. Croix two years ago! So spunky!! I just love him!
The Friday night crew, Sharon & Tammy
G- the best Bike Mechanic and more importantly, friend a girl could have. His shop Top Gear is the best!!
Jocelyn.. oh.. my dear friend. The many long ride and run conversations are my favorite thing!! You inspire me and keep me grounded!! Thank you!!!!!!!
The whole Ballou Skies Crew and especially Ty, Merett and Ryan Ballou.. you are the heart and sole of why we are working so hard.. Thank you!!
Heidi!! You always make me laugh and you are such an awesome athlete and person!! Love ya Chicky!
The infamous Jason Jacobs.. seriously, you are someone I know who has the most beautiful, happy, uplifting spirit!! Thank you for being in my life!
Janine. You are such a wonderful friend.. and even though I know you are going through some rough times, you are always there for me when I need you - thank you!!
My Aunt Dena! You are such a fighter!! I PROMISE to fight hard out there through all the pain and be so thankful that I have my health!! No matter how hard it gets! You're one of my hero's in life and I love you so much!
Ahh.. my Daddy.. We don't get to spend as much time together as I'd like.. but I know you are always there for me in whatever I do. Thank you for spending time talking about my life's aspirations!
Last but certainly not least..

Kyle. You are my partner in crime.. my best friend and someone I count on through thick and thin.. I don't deserve you.. I think that's apparent.. but I love you dearly!! Thanks for traveling down this crazy road with me!!

Coach Justin - you are an awesome person and coach. Thanks for getting me to this race healthy and excited to give it everything I've got!!

Thanks in advance to all my other sponsors as well - Powerbar, Super Donut, Findley Business Solutions for supporting me and helping me to be the best athlete I possibly can. And with that.. I'm signing off... I'm afraid you won't hear much from me over the next week or so.. My phone will have a few minutes, but no internet access so that will be rough. However, still feel free to send Facebook messages etc. and I will do my best to respond!!

If you would like to track me - just go to www.ironman.com on Sunday and click on the athlete tracker. You can search under women 30-34 or with my name. Please pray for a safe race for all of us!

Here's to a fun 140.6 mile journey on Sunday!!

As Jason likes to say Shake 'N Bake Baby, Shake 'N Bake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kiet said...

Looks like you've got the right perspective going into the race Kim. Come race day be smart and crush it! And you get to race with Bree and Charisa, good stuff!

D said...

I had something really lovely prepared to say as I read through your post until... I saw you're sponsored by donuts! WHAT. IS. THIS?! I'm speechless.

GoBigGreen said...

Good luck Kim!!! Cheering hard from MN wishing I was in Mexico as our winter storm approaches:)
you go girl!

Teresa said...

You got this!!! Cheering loud for you! tn

ADC said...

Good luck Kim. You will be awesome out there this weekend and I will be tracking.

m said...

Good luck Kim! Have fun and safe travels!

Christi said...

Go get 'em Kim!

Heidi Austin said...

you can do it girl! i'm so proud of you and can't wait to "watch" you this weekend :) go get them! stay calm and relaxed. you've put the hours in. now all you have to do is race ! hahaha sounds so simple! good luck girly!

Donna said...

Wow, nice set of interesting and fun pictures, Kim! Enjoyed reading about how you are feeling as you get ready to leave for Mexico. I could "feel" your energy and excitement. I'll be praying for a safe and successful race for you on Sunday. And as Jason says... "Shake 'N Bake, Baby! Shake 'N Bake." Oh, that's funny... Donna

Donna said...

Enjoyed to interesting and fun pictures, Kim. And I could "feel" your energy and excitement for your trip and this race coming through. I will be praying for a safe and speedy race for you. Best of luck, and as Jason says...
"Shake 'N Bake, Baby. Shake 'N Bake" EVOL, Mom

Matthew Scott Austin said...

Congratulations on a fantastic journey. Don't forget to smile on Sunday - enjoy the whole thing.

Courtenay said...

have a GREAT race tomorrow kim! i'll be rooting for you!