Monday, November 22, 2010

Triathlete Swimsuit Issue Material??! Maybe - Maybe Not!

Well, I guess I didn't really understand the process this year at Triathlete Magazine, but I figured it out fairly quickly once I got the email stating "Your pictures are now online at My first thought was definitely, "Oh man, what have I gotten myself into!!"

For some reason I thought I just sent a few pictures in for submission via email and they would say "yes, you're swimsuit material - we'll see you in February for the shoot" or "no thanks, not good enough, but we appreciate your effort." Well, it turns out this year they are doing the swimsuit issue via a contest that will be happening each month. Now I know.

Now, I am well aware there is plenty of conflict surrounding the Triathlete Swimsuit issue. I have read BOTH sides over the years and I see the points of each side. However, I think most of us are not completely opposed to women and men, who actually ARE triathletes, showing off the latest swimsuit models of the season. Hey, let's be honest, we do spend A LOT of time in swimsuits in this sport!!

I think most of the controversy has spawned from the fact that some of the previous chosen people may not have necessarily been actual "triathletes" and instead, just were nice to look at in the swimsuits. Now, I don't mind seeing nice, well-toned bodies in swimsuits. However, I do think the people shown in this issue should also be actual athletes.. who train, and race, like the rest of us. They can edit out the heart rate monitor chaffing or the blisters etc. but they had still better have at least completed a few sprints or it seems a little bit strange to have them in "TRIATHLETE" magazine - don't you think?

Anyway, we work very very hard to become better athletes. As a result, sometimes we get a little side benefit of the muscle tone that goes with it. Since I was having my modeling photos redone anyway, I thought I would get a few in the swimsuit just in case.

If you feel compelled to vote for me.. that would be fine. If not, that is totally ok as well. This contest doesn't define my life.. I will not sit at home and cry if I don't win, and in fact, I have a big race coming up so this will probably be the final focus on this particular matter for the duration of the contest.

Or you can just go look at the pretty girls in bathing suits - that's your choice. I even sent these in before they were retouched so I didn't get any airbrushing benefits like I would have maybe done if they were going online. Oh - and all my stuff is real.. all if it - just FYI.

Great job to all those at IM AZ this weekend!! Another Kona spot for Chad!! Congrats my friend!!


Jamie said...

You are currently 3rd, which is awesome, but you can definitely beat Cara and Caroline. Go Kim Go!

Christi said...

I thought your photos were awesome and I want to vote for them but haven't figured that part out yet.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you! and if you win, I'll get my self a subscription of Triathlete magazine all the way to the Philippines.


D said...

LOVE when real triathletes are featured. Like you said, when non-triathletes become our models then it loses its appeal.
Voted for ya! GOOD LUCK!!

Chad Holderbaum said...

You better be joining me in Kona next year! :)