Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kicking Off the Year Right - Ballou Skies 2011

Wow. The Super Bowl almost killed me.. both in sleep department, but also in the training department! The Kim, Lissa and Tamie show traveled to Dallas to hang out and partake in the festivities in Dallas last Thursday - Monday, and unfortunately (and fortunately) most of the pictures and stories will have to be "what happens in Dallas, stays in Dallas!"

Let's just say, we saw Demi and Ashton, I set a new late bed-time record (4:15am) and even rode home in a squad car (no, I did not get arrested, but some nice police officers will be getting some autographed pictures to say thank you for the ride, that is for sure!).

Although we didn't have tickets to the game, there was plenty to do each day! Our room was an absolute pig-sty when we were there, shoes, dresses, makeup, jewelry - EVERYWHERE! I couldn't even handle it!!

Anyway, it was a great trip (even though the Steelers lost :( and I'll share some pictures if I find some that will not incriminate any parties involved!! So much fun!! I was really thankful to get the chance to go because who knows when it will ever happen again.

The other big news of this week is the Ballou Skies Team Photo Shoot and get together tonight. I am completely excited to be joining the team for another year to raise funds for research of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for the 2011 triathlon season.

2010 was an exceptional year and we had a great team. This year we are adding some new members, that are also some of my closest friends!

It will be awesome to have Beth, Chad, Jason, and Matt to the team!!

The people pictured work countless hours in the OSU lab with the mice study to review the effects of various medicines on the heart. During the meeting Ryan and Ty Ballou spoke to these individuals about all the great things attached to the charity in 2010 and presented the check for $27,500.00. It was a good day in Columbus for Ryan’s heart!

I was thinking about how I really had fun last week, but it was a little selfish. All about me, me, me. Which is great sometimes, but it also makes you think about others and want to be a little less of that!! So, to kick off the 2011 Triathlon Team's evening with a bang, I would like to make you and offer. I personally am willing to match up to $125.00 of the money that comes in to the Ballou Skies charity through my biography page for those who are willing to donate this week! To the first three people who donate $25.00 or more, I will send you this amazingly awesome hat and a training CD that will get you through those long winter doldrums! Please email me at when you donate and I will check my records!

UPDATE as of Friday Feb. 11th - We have two donations over 25.00! I need one more person to get this hat and CD!! Come on people!! Thank you in advance (PS Aunt Dena - you are not eligible - you already gave too much last year!! Recover well!)

I haven't nearly met my quota for giving this year, so let's get off to a great start, shall we!! It's for a great cause people!! Who's with me :)

Thanks in advance for anything at all you can do. If you can't, or are supporting other things, that's totally fine!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Steve said...

Glad you had fun at the Superbowl. That stuff is fun at 31-32?? it is, it really is. I did it all the time. I do it now on a different level! As you get my age the crazyness isn't so appealing. No biggie though, cause you are not anywhere different than I was. We all find our way...somehow. You will too, cause you are Kim Kim Kim. Don't doubt that O.K.??? You are one of my favs fo sho!! :)

Good luck with all. :).

Signed: prolly your biggest fan!!! :)

Christi said...

That is awesome that you got to go to the Super Bowl. The loss was devastating but at least the Steelers were there!

Heidi Austin said...

still kicking myself in the ass for not going with you girls ( even though we lost) sounds like an opportunity of a life time. yay for lots of good ballou skies stuff going on :)!!

Kiet said...

Donation done! No gift necessary, this is my thanks to you for burning me those CD's and for calling me kiddo. Racing for a cause is so much better too! BTW, you might be interested to know that my verification word was "bulge".

ADC said...

It seesm like you had lots of fun over the Super Bowl weekend. I am waiting for those photos.