Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Pictures & TUCSON OR BUST!

Let's get one thing straight, I'm behind on my blogging for many reasons. Most of which include being too busy for my own good!! However, this will require some creative blogging by combining subjects and trying to condense what I am saying to a few paragraphs (yes, I know many of you are now cheering profusely!).

After the Super Bowl, I attempted to start getting back to a regular work/workout schedule and today is my first day off from training in, well, a long freakin time :) I also had a build up of work on the personal side with my Fuel Your Passion nutrition clients and athletes so it was time to buckle down over the weekend and really get things done. I'm happy to say, I'm mostly caught up, and after meticulously scheduling my life, things are coming back around (just in time for me to leave again!).

Don't dismay though - this will be another fun trip! Beth approached me about a month and a half ago regarding a little trip she was planning out to Tucson, AZ this coming weekend. When she left me the message I was knee deep in shoveling my driveway snow and the thought of riding my bike up mount lemmon on a sounded extremely appealing to say the least! We had a few things working in our favor to make the trip more affordable (including me FINALLY getting to use my airline miles that US Air has had their tight fist around for years!) so it was just a no brainer. The time has finally arrived, and the bike is packed and in my car, as is everything else to swim, run and generally train my hiney off for the next four days!

I'm so excited, I could literally pee my pants (I don't think I will though for the sake of 16B on the plane today!).

I hear Tuscon is amazing and I'll let you know more about it after swimming with the U of A masters team, riding the mountains and running in the hills. Just about every pro triathlete is either there, or has been there, in the last month, so that HAS to be a good sign. Barb, another stellar triathlete and person, will also be joining Beth and I. All I can say is "girl power!"

So, here are some pictures from the Super Bowl (the approved ones for your viewing pleasure!)

Lissa, my wonderful sister-in-law came with me as well (well, she's more a friend than a sister-in-law, but I guess that's her technical term!)
Thursday night was a big dinner our company holds every year for charity and it raises a lot of money for a great cause (solider's angels). Many who's who are in attendance, but we had fun just sitting at our own little table, eating our five course (yikes, that was a high calorie night!) and laughing with our tablemates, David & Andrew (also pictured - Tamie - my workmate!).
I met these people at the dinner and HAD to take their picture. If you wear this, you certainly are up there with some of the biggest Steeler fans.. well, ever. They match no less. Wow.. it was something else!
Lissa and I with the boss man.
This was a statue at our hotel. Lissa made me take a picture because of Kyle and his love of deer! Sorry it's sideways! You get the drift - it was very interesting to say the least!
Lissa and I with the deer!
We also attended some amazing parties. The GQ party was really spectacular. They were sponsored by Lacoste so we were able to make our own customer Super Bowl shirts! Very cool!

Then we found T.O. (Terell Owens) DJ'ing the party. Who knew football players could DJ! He was good!

Then Lissa spotted Andy Rocdick and he was nice enough to get a picture with her! She was in heaven. I will say, he is a cutie.

Of course, we took a lot of head magnetism pictures (girls always do this - just FYI for the men)! Those are always fun!
Then it was on to Playboy party!! I was so excited about this one.. It was fun, but I have to say, the Mark Cuban party on Saturday night probably took the cake!
Flo Rida was performing and he was riding some guys shoulders into the crowd! Loved it!
Pretty sure he sweated on me.. he was that close!
Then we found a bunny, so we had to get a picture!
Finally, it was off to Black Eyed Peas and our final party of the evening. By this time, my feet were hurting like a motha! I tried to suck it up though!
We ran into "The Situation" from Jersey Shore on MTV, and let me just say, he thinks he's too cool for school. That's all I say about that.
We have pictures from Usher, but I don't have them on my computer yet. It's safe to say, that show was really impressive. That man is one heck of a dancer! Finally, it was time for the big game. By this time, I was so worn out!! Too many late nights! We still had fun though.

We were hoping for a big Super Bowl win number seven.. but unfortunately, it was not in the cards. The Steelers didn't play their best game, but they are still winners in my book to make it this far!

Ok! With that said - look forward blogs about the adventures in Tucson!

Thank you again to those who donated to Ballou Skies last week! I sincerely appreciated your good will and support. You're just amazing and I am thankful to have you reading my blog!


Christi said...

Wow, it looks like you had a weekend to remember during the Superbowl! Congrats!

Have a great time in Tuscon! I have read about a lot of people spending time there. I now have that as one of the places that I want to go visit!

Kim said...

can you say JEALOUS! wow kim, looks like an AMAAAZING! time! i cant believe you saw the situation. he's a toolbag! have a wonderful trip to tuscan with beth. enjoy the warm weather!

GoBigGreen said...

RODDICK!!! and no Brooklyn? Wow, you were lucky.
He is a nice guy, wish he could do more than serve but that is another story for another day.
Have fun in Tucson!

Steve said...

yup looks like you had a good time. Now it is time to get to work. :)

Bust your ass over the next 4 days. :) Have fun. :)

Say hi to the other 2 girls for me. I have known them via blog land for a loooooooong time. :)

Michelle Simmons said...

Awesome! Have FUN training in Tucson!!

Teresa said...

Ugh!!! So jealous of will love it...and what a great group! Say "hi" to MT Lemmon for me (and Beth too!!)

You looked great at all the festivities!!!


Kiet said...

Whoa, I thought you are a triathlete, but in actually, you're an A-lister superstaaaaar! You dropped some serious names in this blog, way to whoop whoop it up and I like the way you roooooll Kim!

Heidi Austin said...

have fun in az! STILL kicking myself for missing the fun.... crazy good time! enjoy the sun with beth! you gotta get your fix while you can :)

ADC said...

Can't wait to hear all about Tucson.