Wednesday, April 6, 2011

illegitimis non carborundum

Do you ever have one of those weeks? Well, let me tell you, I am. Seems like nothing is going right no matter how hard I try. I pretty much feel like this guy.

Even despite all that, there is much to be thankful for, so I can't really complain much. All I can say is that I'll be semi-glad when the weekend is here!

In other news, training seems to be "clicking" these last few weeks and can I just say, my coach might be a bit of a genius. Actually, it's probably that he knows me well, and that is something that every athlete should expect. I just forget sometimes. We just hit one year together - Happy Anniversary Coach Justin, and I'm really thankful that we've made it through some bumps in the road and are in a good place!

Last Sunday I had intervals on the track instead of my usual long run. I thought it was odd, but hey, I'm learning new things every day, so I was pleasantly surprised and excited to do something different. The only strange part was that he said my 200's should be between X:XX and X:XX. Let this be known that he only gave me a THREE second range. Yep, just three seconds. I wasn't sure what I could do, let alone, how the heck would he know what I could do??! So, I set off on a beautiful Sunday morning to just see what happened based on perceived effort and good form. As I stopped my watch while crossing the line of my first one I almost couldn't believe it. I had split the three second difference between the range. I was right in the middle. How the heck did he know??!!

Anyway, I continued to do all 20 of them.. yes, there were five miles worth...and felt pretty good though all of them so I was happy. I even negative splitted the last few.

As a race is looming in my future (right after a big meeting which should totally throw me off my schedule / eating habits prior), I can't help but think about the first part of this year. I can't say I've done every workout, but I haven't missed any of the long ones, or the really important interval / speed workouts. I haven't done a ton of volume, as my coach, nor I believe this is even remotely the time of year where I will be attempting to peak or have some amazing time or place at the first race of the year. However, I can say that I haven't gotten sick (which is a dang miracle in itself considering all the sick people around me) and in general, I've felt pretty good most weeks. A little tired, but good. I've rested when he said rest. I've pushed when he said push. Somehow, I feel I'm coming into New Orleans 70.3's small taper right where I need to be fitness-wise for April.

Needless to say, I'm ready to see just how this training is going and blow some rust off the training wheels!

Every one of my seasons thus far has a series of songs that always remind me of that season. In 2005-2006 when I first started it was Ridin Dirty. Beth and I rolling in Coach Jim's Hummer to the Philly Sprint!

In 2007 it was Janet Jackson, Feedback (Feedback).

In 2008 it was Rhianna, Don't Stop the Music!

Let's not even attempt to remember 2009, it was not the best year.. so something sad.

Then 2010 it was both Coldplay's Everything Not Lost and Fort Minor Remember the Name.

I have now developed the "first part of 2011" training montage and it includes Dr. Dre / M&M's I need a Dre (killer song and CRAZY video). NOTE: I could only find the explicit version so please don't be offended. There was no edited version :( I also am in love with Lady Gaga's Born this Way! What a killer song for intervals!!

Ok.. I now have 10+ side business emails in which to respond, packing to do for BOTH trips, and eventually, some sleep to be had (hopefully by 9pm!).

What songs motivate your training?? I could use a few more to get ready for this race!!!!!!!!


Beth said...

Ridin' just took me back a whole lot of years!!! Reminds me of the crits too!!! AHHH!!! :) Great job on all the training!!

SSB said...

that's a sign the coach is right for you. Mine gave me 800s today. I haven't run an 800 in for ever. He was spot on (well, the :05 range was) of what I could run each one in w/o looking at my watch.

Jennifer Harrison said...

RIDING DIRTY is one of my all time favs - you linked the clean version though!!! :) GOOD LUCK at NOLA! My songs are all Kid Rock - so that is not exiting unless you are a fan.

Kiet said...

Your this week was my last week, way too many downs. Am so stoked to see you race, you're antsy and that's a good sign. Songs? Right now it seems to be everything One Republic and a couple of CD's I got from...;o)

Teresa said...

I am so excited for you!! Best wishes!! You got this!!

Christi said...

You are so amazing! I love that you show both sides of the training and work life and are kicking butt!

You are going to have a great race in NO! I just wish I could be there to see it!

Heidi Austin said...

love the new puffy song...coming home.... oh i love 400s but not that many! one week! one week!!

ADC said...

Try The Killers. I love them.

BriGaal said...

Ready to Start by Arcade Fire!