Sunday, October 2, 2011

It Doesn't Get Much More Awesome than This!

Wow.. really freakin cool. When I started this journey I never imagined it would put me on a collision course with some of the most amazing, caring people that I honestly, some of them, have never even met! Kiet is one of those.. I'm not sure where I started following his blog or maybe it was the cute picture of him and Bree when he was training on the Island or what.. but ever since, we're like blood brothers or something. He's a cool spirit and I can't WAIT to finally meet him one day.. it will be like Christmas!

In the mean time, you can enjoy this video that he put together for some of us who will be racing next weekend. It's really sweet and heartfelt and I have been getting all kinds of wonderful send offs, messages, phone calls and everything else you could think of.. boy.. when people reach out like that you just feel loved..

Crush it in Kona! from KTT on Vimeo.

and you know what... that's a pretty darn good feeling to go into 140.6 miles of racing with on the big island.

The best part is.. my family and friends love me no matter what.. I could stink it up out there and end up walking the whole thing.. they would love me anyway. That might just be the best part of all.

Flight leaves at 8:00am tomorrow morning.. who's coming with me! Come on!! You know you want to! Hop on a plane..we'll see there :)


Kristin said...

Good Luck!! you will be great!!

Kiet said...

Sorry I couldn't make Kona happen, but we'll make XMAS happen one of these days. And as I've told you so many times this season, icing baby!

Teresa said...

So cool! And YES, Kiet is even cooler in that guy!! See you soon sweet girl!


Christi said...

I want to join you so much! Have a great time Kim!

Kim said...

safe flight kim! cant wait to follow you next weekend :)