Thursday, October 6, 2011


Each time before I big race a few words always come to mind. For some reason, this one is the most prevalent every single time. It's not a long word.. or even a complicated one. It doesn't require a dictionary and it can mean many different things to different people.

With all that said, one thing is always true. You've got to have it before an event like the Ironman World Championships, or any big race or even life event for that matter.

I think Angela Naeth said it best when she was quoted saying "In sport, pain and suffering are choices, and anyone who complains about their choices needs to change their choices. Yes, training hurts, but it beats not training." Source:

Why is trust so important when we see the quote above? In my mind it's 100% necessary to go into something as the pressure mounts and the suffering part, well my friends, that isn't an option, it's a given.

I don't care if you plan on coming in first or dead last... Ironman is a long tough day out there. It will have many unforeseen twists and turns. It will test your will beyond measure and it will literally only be you and your thoughts out there for 100% of 9+ hour day. Ironman isn't easy. If it was, everyone would do it.

When I start reading from that the women's 30-34 is the deepest it's been in 10 years, when I start feeling that anxious build up to the start line and when I pack my race bags only to see them again on the course.... trust.. is a must.

I trust my Coach, Coach Justin, that he's prepared me physically and mentally to execute the best race possible.

I trust my friends and family, that they will spend tomorrow lifting me up and carrying me when times get tough. I trust that no matter where I finish, they will love me, care about me and never give up on me.

I trust myself, that I will give it absolutely everything I have, no matter how hard it gets, no matter HOW much I WANT to quit (and I know I will at more than one point) that I will not quit. That I will left right, left right all the way until I hear those words once again "Kim, you are an ironman!"

I trust my faith, that it always loves, always forgives and never fails. That it is bigger than all of this and that it will be tested, but that it will always come out on top in the end.

Finally, I trust that I'm doing something bigger than just racing. I'm racing to help boys like Ryan Ballou live longer, healthier lives and that when I see him tomorrow out on the course, that each step will be more than worth it.

Trust. Such a simple word, but the more I race, the more I learn and the more I test myself, the more this word means to me. My most trusted family is here, Kyle and Deb are with me. Everyone else, well, you're here too.. right here in my heart. Even in my darkest hours out there on the Queen K slugging through the miles in the heat of the day.. I am never.. ever alone.

Thank you in advance for everyone who has reached out this week to drop a line, send a hug and tell me they are there. It means so much to me. Thank you in advance for all of your thoughts and prayers on Saturday. I'll take every last one.

This is number #1702, signing off. See you at the finish!!


Austin said...

Go get em coach kim. We TRUST you will do awesome. Enjoy it. Prayers.

Alison said...

Good luck on race day!! I've haven't seen you around Kona yet, but will be cheering for you tomorrow!