Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I DO Want to Remember About Hawaii!!

Hawaii is gorgeous. Actually, it's not just gorgeous, its spectacularly untouched in parts, remains a mystery in others. It's a place where you are overwhelmed by the sights, smells and sounds that never enter your normal every day life.

It's the place you constantly see on Bree Wee's Blog of her swimming with dolphins or doing eating exotic fruit and you think in the dead of Pennsylvania winter - WHY CAN'T THAT BE ME!? Well, once the Ironman was over, the second half of the trip began and we had four glorious days to explore and see the island. It was just awesome. Our time started with a little party on Sunday night with some great friends and transitioned into kayaking, Kona Brewing (my favorite pizza and beer in the whole world - Try the Hefferveisen if you ever go there!) and some strait up R & R. I needed it, desperately! Kyle and Deb had been so very patient as I went through all of the pre-race motions, now it was there turn too to have fun and not worry about a "schedule" for the rest of our time.

Kayaking was my most favorite part of the trip. I had ALWAYS wanted to swim with dolphins....always, for as long as I can remember! When we picked up the Kayaks I heard that they had been seeing them in Kealakekua Bay I just about flipped! As we paddled out, I kept hoping and praying that we would see them!!!! Low and behold we saw a group of kayaks all huddled around this area and I heard the puff of a blow hole right beside me! I got so excited I started pulling off my life vest and shoes and bam! I was throwing the rope out of the kayak to Kyle to hold so I could bail!! It was time! It was my dream.. or as Kyle and I say.. whelp.. see ya later!

We spent at least 40 minutes with me diving down and taking a peek at them underwater. I watched them play and swim upside down. I watched the light bounce off of them and then sometimes they would jump right out of the water and spin in a circle before splashing back down (they were Spinner Dolphins). It was simply amazing.

Finally we made it over the island where you'll find Captain Cooks Memorial and instead of snorkeling, I just slept. Nap time has been missed and I finally, finally got a chance to just relax and forget about triathlon, Facebook, Blogs, Email, Work etc. for a little which was a much needed break.

It was a wonderful day with Kyle and Deb and a perfect way to spend part of our trip. I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area!! A special thanks to Kyle for making the arrangements and holding the rope and Deb for indulging my inner child as I yelled about how cool it was for like 20 minutes straight (oh and to the Spinner Dolphins who came out and made this girls day!!)


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

That sounds like an AWESOME post-race adventure!!

Teresa said...

Best place on earth (beside home!). Love the pics!

Christi said...

How freakin' awesome is that! I can't believe you got to swim with the dolphins in their own environment. Color me jealous!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I was there for the 70.3 in June and we kayaked in the same place... no dolphins :-(. You were so lucky! But we did snorkel, and I must say it was amazing. You should definitely snorkel next time you're there... it's like swimming in a fully stocked aquarium.

Kristin said...

Too cool! Nice post race vacation!! :)