Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Will You Do?

It's that time of year.

You know what time I mean.. the time where many people's seasons are coming to a close and they are starting to think about next year. They are dreaming.. they are letting their bodies and minds take a break from "the grind." They are mountain biking, seeing friends, thanking family and their respective others for supporting them for one more year. They're wondering what could have made the year different, better.. what gave them the edge.. what worked.. what didn't.

They're wondering.. examining, analyzing and crunching the numbers.

It's an exciting time of year. I love it. The leaves are changing and the air has a chill in it when I set out to run in the early morning. You wear more layers, you watch the world wake up as the darkness turns to light. You feel a little regrowth.. and you start planning, races, training trips and saving for that new "___" insert any piece of triathlon equipment because, let's be honest, they are all expensive :)

Plenty of questions come up and I think questions are great. Question everything. If your coach or dietitian says they have all the answers, be afraid, very afraid. Two of my friends were getting their coaching certification this weekend and I couldn't help but think of my certification weekend and how much I've learned since then (and how very far I still have to go!). The best part is that as I'm constantly learning and growing, its a subject I'm completely crazy about. I'm still like a sponge, soaking up every last bit of knowledge I can gain from other coaches, from athlete's experiences on the race course, and from successes and sometimes even more so from not so successes!

I am a life long learner in this area. So now it's time for me to ask the questions to each of you..

What will you do this upcoming season to improve, to have a different outcome or to enjoy the balance of training and life even more? What are you willing to sacrifice or do differently to get that outcome? How do you see yourself in that first race of the season next year? What about the last race? How far will you have come not just physically, but in your life-balance? What will make the difference? What will give you strength, confidence and the chance to live your dreams?

Whatever it is, spend some time thinking about those things now. This sport starts and ends with those around you that help give you this time and lift you up to even just make it to start line. Make sure you thank them now..right now... give them a hug and show them by giving them time and love.

Start to plan.. think about it.... and plan some more. Be honest about the things that limited you, and addresses them. Was it nutrition? Was it consistency? Was it time? Was it late bed times?

Whatever it was, have an honest talk with yourself about those things and be realistic about them. Just know this.. it's not always the coaches fault :)

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Look around you, see who is a part of your life that could assist you once you've done your homework. Is it a seasoned tri veteran, a dietitian, a coach or a bike mechanic or even just one of your friends looking from the outside in.

Think about why you first started this journey and what you still want out of it? What makes it enjoyable, fun, exciting and new each time you put on your running / biking shoes...

Then go out there, and make it happen :)


David Criswell said...

Great post! Around the office we call this "dreaming season"

The Miller Family said...

Awesome stuff Kim...hope you are well!

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

Well written said everything that so many of us think about all year long! I love this time of the slows and I soak up every minute!

Teresa said...

I am excited for your upcoming year! Oh yeah!

Christi said...

I love this time of year when I can plan. That is always nice!

Jamie said...

I just had a similar conversation (with myself.)

If my weakness was running in 2011, why am.i doing all swim and bike workouts lately.

Kiet said...

I'm not ready to make any sacrifices for triathlon next year, it's all about doing whatever and whenever and no rhyme nor reason other than to have fun and live a healthy lifestyle.