Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ballou Skies Contest - Win a FREE Nutrition Consultation

Many of you know what Ballou Skies has meant to me over the past few years. It's more than a team, it's more than some logo you put on your uniform, it's a family of people doing good and never giving up that there IS hope and a cure in the works for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and that WE ARE A PART OF THAT CURE.

Meeting Ryan changed me life.. hands down. His belief that this was more than a dream, but a reality had me immediately hooked on this idea of research for a cure and can I tell you, it is happening. Right now, as we speak.

At times, Ty receives letters like this, from families just like his was 17 years ago who are searching for an answer, a glimmer of hope in the light of this diagnosis:

Briefly, Darren M. contacted me on Wed. of this week. I have never met or spoken to Darren previously. He found the BallouSkies site over the internet and reviewed the Tri team and research teams efforts. We had a great conversation. Darren and his wife have two son (Jakob and Isaak) now 13 and 12. Eight years ago, on the same day, both boys were diagnosed with DMD. Let that settle in for a moment. They had no indication of anything wrong of either son other than they were somewhat slow to physically develop.

Darren and his doctors live in a very tiny town in the Saskatchewan province of Canada and have been in touch this week with Dr. Raman at OSU. It appears that both young men with start taking the blend of heart medicines very shortly. Darren spoke often about Ryan being 24 and functioning at such a high level. I told him there is no reason that Jakob and Isaak cannot do the same. BallouSkies T-shirts and wrist bands are on there way north of the border.

Train hard this weekend………count your blessing and know somewhere over the net people each week at finding about doctors and a Tri team that are making a real difference.

I have exactly 10 days until my first professional race. Many of you will wish me luck and I appreciate that. I'm scared, but not even remotely as scared as these families facing much bigger issues than I will ever even understand. That's why I'm running a contest that will benefit Ballou Skies and help with the research we need to find a cure!

For the next ten days, for everyone who DONATES and puts my name within the paypal donation (there's a place in there somewhere!), I will put their name in a chance to win a free nutritional assessment which is worth a $200 value.

A $10 donation = 1 entry

A $20 donation = 2 entries

A $30 donation= 3 entries

" and so on "

My goal is to raise a $1000 in the next ten days. That's right.. I'm optimistic :) The contest begins tonight at 9:00pm (Wed March 21st) and the contest ends at Sat March 31st at 9:00pm.

The more you give, the more chances you have to win. This nutritional assessment will be catered completely to you! Whether your goal is to loose weight, improve your training and racing nutrition or just make sure you are on the right track - this will improve your life and your training!

Make sure my name is attached to the donation somehow and you can also email me to let me know you did it at!

Thank you in advance for all of the amazingly selfless donations we are going to receive to help boys like Ryan! I can't wait to work with one of you!! Get em in!!

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Libby said...

you are so awesome girl. I will definitely donate and thanks for the reminder and perspective AND for racing for such a good cause!