Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time for A Change - QT2 Systems

There are things I am lax about at times.. aka doing laundry, ironing and I'm TERRIBLE at keeping plants alive. I mean terrible (I hope this isn't a future reflection on my parenting skills). One of the things I am a fairly fanatical about is my training (or at least I try to be!).

Two months ago I made this huge life change and it really has changed everything. I knew there would be some noticeable differences, but it has truly given me an overhaul. Some of those changes have been easy to fall into. For example, flexibility in terms of workouts, seeing Kyle and having enough time to spend working on the things I really want to such as talking to my athletes, doing the nutrition counseling etc. A few things have been harder, like working 7 days a week, knowing how much time certain things are going to take and making sure to allow that much time prior to get them done, and of course, people thinking that just because you work for yourself that you have the ability to "insert go to lunch at the drop of a hat, go shopping, etc. etc." It's been a hard concept for ME to even accept at times. I have to be pretty disciplined that once the training is done for the day (and most days I'm still up at the 5:00-6:00am hour) it's time to go home and get my butt to work. One because I need to or the end of the week is going to be crazy and two because I don't have extra money to be doing those other things so the best place for me to be is sitting in front of my computer working when I'm not training. Those are pretty much my options between 6am-5pm.

All in all.. I FREAKIN love it. I also don't think I've felt the full financial effects of it either, so that day is probably coming and this year will definitely be an adjustment!

In being a bit fanatical about the training, I HAVE to feel like I'm in a good spot in terms of having a good plan designed for the year that I can trust, put my faith in and give hours of sacrifice to away from Kyle, hours of sweat and toil out on the road, pool etc.

The last year has had some real ups and down with my current coach and I knew it was time to part ways, but with the season rapidly approaching it just didn't seem like the time to make a switch. However, sometimes it doesn't matter what we want, the universe makes things IMPOSSIBLE to stay in the current situation (which is also what I think happened with my previous job) and there just is no choice. Change is necessary.

My stomach was in knots over it. As some as you know, hiring a new coach is a VERY serious thing. It requires so much research by talking to other athletes under their tutelage, looking at their results, interviewing them to see how well they you mesh, understanding their philosophy etc. I didn't know much about this process 3 years ago, but now, considering the coaching interviews I've personally be through, I know a lot more :) It's a bit like a marriage and I take the relationship very seriously! I mean, I just quit my job for heavens sake!

I started the process two or three weeks ago and what the process it was! It was exciting though and I had a few coaches that I had heard really good things about from close friends. The best thing that I took out of Galveston TX was a chance to meet the two coaches I previously interviewed.

It's nice to get a feel in person if you can, and talking to both I had an immediate feeling about who would be a good match. Both were very knowledgable and I knew would probably be excellent from that standpoint. I want someone I can continue to learn and grow with as a coach myself.

By Sunday night, I knew who I wanted to work with and I was invited to a team event to be able to sit down and make sure they were still available to work with me this year.

Thankfully, they were, and I'll be working with Jesse Kropelnicki of QT2 Systems. He's been coaching for 10+ years and has done an exceptional job with Catlin Snow, Jacqui Gordon & so many others. My friends Jocelyn & Molly also played a huge role in my decision and since working with him has really seen great improvements and felt very confident about her experience thus far.

You can read more about what helped shape my decision here!

I couldn't be more excited to get a fresh start and it really does feel a bit like starting over at this point in the year - again. It's not an easy time to do that, but hey, sometimes that's life!

With that also required a change in race schedule. We took a look at Ironman Texas and realized, we probably wouldn't be making a smart decision by putting me in that race until we had a solid training block together nailed down. So, with that, we took advantage of this professional thing, and made an executive decision to pull out of that race and look further down the road for my first IM of the year. So, sorry TX, I won't see you next month.

Instead, first A race of year will be Ironman Lake Placid. I'll still head to Eagleman 70.3 in June as a test run, but considering the chance of better temps, a previous good experience there and then more time together as coach and athlete, I'm all in. It's hard to mentally adjust, but I trust his judgement completely so I'm on board.

I have a renewed sense of hope about the year and I know his attention to detail and guidance will be amazing for me to experience as an athlete and coach over these next months. I'll keep you posted on how it's going!

Right along with it comes a HUGE new family including the one, the only Mary Eggers, Molly Zahr , Jacqui Gordon (who is seriously, one heck of a sweet, nice person by the way!!) and the awesome athletes I met this past weekend while at the race.

Can't wait to embark on this new era and I'll let you know how it goes.. sorry I won't be seeing you guys in Texas, but enjoy the heat and don't worry, I'll be watching ALL DAY online!!


Molly said...

Kim so happy that you made this decision. You won't regret it! I'm sorry I won't see you in Texas but I think you're making all good decisions that are going to mean great things for your tri career!

Jamie said...

Awesome move! Just from knowing some QT2 AGers, I know that they are serious business and you'll be well taken care of.

Congrats Kim.

Christi said...

Congrats! I wish you the best of luck with your new coach and teammates!

goSonja said...

These decisions are so so hard, but what in this sport isn't hard. Congrats on getting through the process, I'm sure that you will see much progress from QT2. Up and Up!

Libby said...

awesome girl! change is good and you need it to move forward. I've only heard amazing things about jesse and QT2 I know you are in good hands and just the hands you need to rock your first pro season!! I love how you are going back to races you've been incredibly successful at in the past too :) :) :)

Kiet said...

One major lesson I've learned in life is that when the Universe comes a knockin', it's time to listen. Good on ya for doing so, onward and upward Kim. We got your back!

Katie said...

Congrats on getting through the process and making a tough decision! I worked with the Core Diet last year and it made a HUGE difference for me (coached by CTS). I have a huge amount of respect for the program and I'm excited to follow your progress. See you at LP!

ADC said...

Kim, it sounds awesome. Hope it all goes well.

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

Congrats on all the changes in your life. Every decision should be a thought-out decision. Every choice has an outcome and often, we need to think about the important decisions until we feel confident we made the right decision. Often, we learn from every decision (and mistakes)...I'm sure this is a great move! Good luck following your journey!

Aim5kids said...

Hi Kim!
My name is Amy, I'm just an average athlete trying to achieve greater than average goals. I have 5 children and have a wonderful, supportive husband of 15 years, and used to live in Pittsburgh and have family there! I found out about you through the QT2 site and your blog, as I am a mission athlete/member. Congratulations on all your hard work paying off and I wish you the best with QT2! Will you be coaching for/with them as well as being coached? Man would I love to have you steering my course for me in the future! Just completed my 3rd Boston after an 11 year hiatus- given the heat I was just happy to finish in one piece, and missed qualifying by 2 1/2 minutes. Anyway I hope I get to meet you some day- you will be my new inspiration for how to not give up and keep trying to reach new goals! -Amy Maguire