Thursday, September 6, 2012

Playlist for 140.6 - Rev 3 Cedar Point

Did you know for the last few years every one of my races has a playlist?  It just seems to be that one song resonates with me in the months leading up to the race and I can't help but use that song as a motivator and soundtrack during the race.

Those of you who have been following for awhile may already know some of these songs below, but as I was listening to my MP3 player this week it struck me just how many races I've done and how hearing those songs just brings me right back to the places I was in both prior and during.

It's almost a form of visualization for me to take me back to those places leading up to the big ones... you know those ones.. the ones that made an impact on you forever.  The first would probably be Kona 2008, Rev 3 Half 2010 where I finally broke 5 hours, Cozumel 2010 and of course Lake Placid and Kona last year.

Here we are again and going into the next big one!   I definitely am all set with my few good tunes ready to roll on cue when I hit the run.  They give me comfort, they make me feel like I'm running somewhere along a field of sunflowers or watching the sun set over the pastures where I love to run.  It's where I'm not running for any other reason than the joy of being out there and the love of seeing the word, hearing my breath and my heart swelling with happiness and joy just to be alive.  Those are feelings that everyone should call on when they reach those tough places.  You know, the places where it hurts to take just one more step.  It's important to take yourself to the places you know and the reasons why you train and the times where you've really excelled.

So, here's my list starting with:

Rev 3 Cedar Point 2010 - Coldplay "Lovers in Japan"

Cozumel 2010 - Coldplay "Everything's Not Lost"

Lake Placid 2011 - Far East Movement "Rocketeer"

Kona 2011 - Beyonce "I let you go"  

Lake Placid 2012 - This one had a few Cee Lo Green "Bright Light Bigger City"

Coldplay - "Princess of China"

Linkin Park - "Burn it Down"

Rev 3 Cedar Point on Sunday - Outsight "Stays the Same"

So if you wonder what I'll be doing on the run on Sunday.. well, I'll be praying..  I'll be singing these songs in my head, I'll be hanging super tough and hopefully reeling in some girls while I'm at it.  When it get's really tough, well, then I attempt to go blank like a piece of paper.  They say if you don't have anything good to think, then you might as well not think anything at all right!

Excited to go out there and do what I love all day..looks like there's a bit of pain the forecast for Sunday and that's just fine with me (thanks to Ryan Hunt & the Weather Channel for the graphic!).   I hope you enjoy these tunes and let me know if you have any good ones I should add to Ironman Arizona playlist!  I'd love to hear them!!  Thanks for all your support, love, and for reading about this crazy journey that I'm extremely blessed to be on right now.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Watch out Sunday!!  I'm feeling good, excited and ready!!!!!!!!!!!  Here we GOOOOOO!!   You can follow me here on Sunday -

See you on the flip :)


Christi said...

Go Kim Go!

Kunal Patel said...

Good Luck Kim!! Race hard and have fun!!

Kunal Patel said...

Good Luck Kim! Race hard and have fun!!