Sunday, December 30, 2012

100 meter dash face off: Mr. & Mrs. Go Head to Head

Sometimes during the off-season triathletes go a little crazy.  As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I enjoyed mine thoroughly!  I danced, I stayed up late and I may have even spent a couple of nights hanging out with friends of ours that find Kyle and I fairly entertaining when we have a few beers.  Us being competitive.. oh.. that's the understatement of the century!!  They know it too!! In fact, at some point along the way a bet was formed regarding my ability to out sprint Kyle in a 100 meter dash.

Kyle, knowing he did some running in high school, felt fairly confident about his get up and go power.  He's very aware that I am an aerobic as they come and if it was a mile, or maybe even a 200, he wouldn't have that same confidence.  In fact, he was SO confident (might have been the liquor talking!) that he would add in an element of handicap by wearing his hunting boots.

That was all I needed, I was in.  I didn't really know if we would go through with it, but our friends were pretty darn excited about it and we all committed to the following Sunday at 3:00pm.

In the mean time, Kyle's sister planned a dinner to celebrate her new engagement and brought her fiance's parents home to meet everyone.  That would be at noon, on Sunday.

Sunday morning we awoke to a nice hard cold rain.  I had been off for just over two weeks and had spent most of them eating!  We headed to dinner and Kyle proceeded to let me eat my little heart out.  He told me that the race would most likely be cancelled due to weather so what did I do - I had seconds!!

Just about the time 2:30pm rolled around I was so full I could barely move and low and behold he received a text and it was BACK ON!  Everyone would be at the track in about 30 mins.  O boy.. he got me good :)

Either way, it was a fun day and to see the result you'll just have to view this little video he put together to commemorate our face off.  I definitely wonder if he would have been so quick to turn this around if it had gone differently!!  Our friends came along and all and all it was a lot of good fun and good laughs had by all.

The 100m Dash, One Man's Inspirational Story from Kyle Schwabenbauer on Vimeo.

I think next year I may just have to have Coach Jesse give me a few sprint workouts to be a bit more prepared!!  Same time, same place.. he's going dowwwnnn!!


Steve said...

LOLz. :) Happy New Years to you both. :)

Maggie said...

Y'all are too hilarious -- that outfit!! Next time...

Jen Small said...

Kyles attire is worth it alone...the high knees are amazing!
Congrats Kyle!!

dlynn said...

wow! u 2 are made for each other!!!

GoBigGreen said...

OMG you two crack me up, how funny is Kyle? And you Kim, always gracious no matter the outcome:)
Happy New Year, and really i was rolling on the floor at this:) too much fun!

Michelle Simmons said...

Hysterical! Love it!

ADC said...

You guys are hillarious. Kyle is really funny.