Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I Do To Prevent Myself From Sabotaging Myself

Have you ever just felt you weren't prepared for a workout or training session? Do you kick yourself and just wish you could get your act together and get your workouts in like you were supposed to if you just had your _____(fill in blank here with any of about 23 items we need on hand to swim, bike or run at a moments notice)___ . Well, I certainly have. I am not the queen of organization by any means. However, I have found that a few of my tried and true methods have been known to save me some time, energy and yelling at myself and beating the steering wheel like a crazy person. I thought I would share a few things that I've done to do exactly what my title says i.e. "Prevent myself from sabotaging myself!"

One of the things I used to have trouble with was traveling and still getting my workouts in. Well, let me tell you, this one, I've gotten down to a science. It takes a bit of up front work, but in the end, it's always easier (and especially before the advent of GPS and cell phones with the Internet).

I always, always research the place where I am going for nearby pools, gyms, parks or other places I'll need to get my workouts done. I've been know to call people in the area and ask, or even call the hotel ahead of time and research what they have available in their gym. I have a swim tether that I can tie to the pool steps and swim in place for as much as I can stand in small pools.
I also mapquest the distance so I can run from my hotel to the gym if it's close enough (and I check with the staff to make sure it is safe). If you bring one of those smaller bags we get at like EVERY event with the two drawstrings, you can pack it easily in your suitcase and then thow in the items you need when you get there (gels, bars, towel, goggles etc.) and run with it on your back so you don't have to carry everything.
This is a great book for checking out the local facilities and making sure you're ready to go when you get there! Check it out!
One thing I hate is hotel tap water. I end up dehydrating myself instead of drinking like I should if that is the only thing available. HOWEVER, if you have your own bottle, most hotels have a water cooler in the fitness center. Bring it along and you can use your room key to head in and fill up any time, day or night! Shhhh... don't tell them I told you about this one!
Taking a picture after my run last week. Thanks Roaring Spring and Marriott for providing this photo opportunity!
The bag is always packed the night before. It's a pain, but there's just too much to remember to do it any other time. Every night I come home, unpack the bag, repack the bag and I'm done with it until I get up with about 5 minutes to get ready before I leave the house for the gym!
Laying out your clothes the night before is a must. I am not in my right mind at 5:30am and cannot be trusted to not leave the house without a sports bra, half of a bathing suit, even pants. Stranger things have happened. You will see these are place strategically close to the heater to encourage me to get out of my nice warm bed and put them on while staying warm. A little time in the evening, saves me from thinking...and THAT is a must!
I can't tell you how many times I've gotten to the gym only to find I don't have my heart rate monitor strap. Luckily, in my wise old years, I've come up with two of these floating around and having one in my bag at all times is a necessary requirement. It has come in so handy and I would highly recommend getting an extra one to shove in a pocket that you won't need, until you really need it!
I'm willing to bet you can't tell what this is just from the picture. However, this has saved my hiney (and literally gone on my hiney) at least 10 times. This is the unmentionable ziplock (that I'm mentioning for training purposes only). I keep some feminine products and two extra pairs of under ware in the bag because of all the clothing items I forget, these seem to be the biggest offenders. It certainly is not the end of the world to go winging it without them in a bind, but most of time, I think it's better to have them on hand just in case.
The car goodies. I never start a week without replenishing the car bars, gels and other items that I might need during the week. I do A LOT of eating in my car and without these items, I would miss countless workouts or end up doing them on low energy which is JUST not an option if you are trying to get the most out of your workouts! You have to take this seriously people! Put them in your car console and forget about them till you need them - then REPLENISH your supply immediately. Trust me on this!
Ahhhh..the tiny crate. Someone got this for me (I think it was my Mom) to put something in...maps, tissues, whatever...I forget! Either way, its new function is to be my just in case I need to swim at the gym crate. What's inside you ask?! See below!
First there is a kit with shampoo and other bath items in case I don't have my gym bag. My boss gave me one of these but any hotel shampoos are a nice size and can be kept in the car all the time for easy access! No excuse for being the "smelly" triathlete in the group!
The swim goggles and cap are always present in the crate as well. I've been traveling home from work trips where I didn't think I could make it to the gym in time, and then last minute be driving nearby. I remember getting really upset I was right there without a bathing suit/cap/goggles...well, no more.. I can swim at any time, even in open water if we are out somewhere that I didn't know we were going to have a chance etc.!
Of course you also need a bathing suit to swim and it's nice to have an extra in the car just in case. It can be one of your old suits that you just don't want to wear on a regular basis but that save you when you really need it!

I also keep some running shoes, socks and sunscreen shoved into my car at all times. There are many times I've forgotten that I needed shoes for my transition runs in the summer and those old running shoes have saved me (and it's only 20-30 mins so no problem even if they're old!).

I hope a few of these have helped give you some ideas... now.. there's no excuses! Start your sabotage prevention stragegy today!

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