Friday, September 5, 2008

Black Thumb

I like to think there are things at which I can do pretty well. I can make a decent dish of pasta with shrimp and vodka sauce. I'm pretty good at keeping my house clean (well, before this who Ironman thing happened to me anyway), and I was a decent runner at one point. When we decided to sell our house, Kyle put a bunch of new mulch down and it needed, well, a women's touch you could say. It just looked, bare. Like a good little Mrs. I headed right down to the greenhouse and bought us some flowers that I could plant to make it look "pretty".

There are a few things that I am weird about, one of them is flowers. My track record isn't good. I have this habit of wanting to plant them in rows or some sort of pattern. Kyle is always telling me how "weird" they look!! It must be my anal retentive side coming out. I blame my mother for that (you know you are Mom..that's not a jab - and I love you).

My other is that I am not a "nurturer" per say. Well, I am not a "nurturer" at all. I work hard, I work fast, I get things done. I'm super efficient, but not so good at remembering things like, say watering the flowers when it has decided not to rain for the last 15 days or something crazy like that (but not tomorrow though, I have a 6 hour ride, Sunday please if I am putting in my order). Anyway, I like to kill things. Well, not kill things, but plants and I just don't get along. I try, I really do, but I seem to fail. The way I see it is that the hearty ones make it, the others, I guess they just weren't fighters. Why should I be supporting weaklings out there in the yard, no rain - it's pain time, as they say on WWF!! It reminds me of natural selection (well, except we are talking about flowers and bushes and such). Anyway, I've killed quite a few things out there lately. I got the "it's looking rough" speech this week from the man. I know I'm hard on things, and I don't mean to be, but what can I say, it's in my nature.

When Kyle designed my engagement ring, one of his only thoughts was "how can I make it nice, yet extremely durable." His solution was to make it three stones that were very low to my finger (as opposed to the one high solitaire diamond) so that I could wear it all the time without catching on everything as I blew through this world like a tornado. This was a wise choice. I've worn it during every triathlon, swim practice and bike ride thus far. I would take it off, but frankly, I forget I even have it on until I'm on the start line like "well, I hope the prongs don't just decide to give out today!" So far, so good.

In other news, I'm packed and ready for tomorrow.

bike shorts- check
jersey - check
sunscreen - check
sports bra - check
helmet - check
shoes - check
heart rate monitor - check
bike - check
gels - check
pump - check
water bottles (3)- check
bars for after ride - check
running shoes for t-run - check
running skirt for t-run - check
non-sweaty sports bra for t-run - check
running shoes - check
bathing suit for 4000 yard swim- check
cap - check
goggles - double freakin check

So, there you have it. You would think I was packing for a week, nope, just one day. It only takes me a complete hour on Friday nights to clean out my dang car of the week's triathlon mess, and get all this stuff ready to set out on the journey tomorrow. Six am is going to come early so I had better see as to getting my rest. Eight beautiful hours after that, I'll be done and ready to go out to dinner with my wonderful mother who is taking me out for my b-day a week early!! They better have lots of food stocked up at Olive Garden tomorrow. Alert the chefs, a very tiny person with a big appetite will be in around 6pm. Watch out!!

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