Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I've Learned..

Sometimes you may think you go from one week to the next without really learning much. For some that might be true. Some weeks I learn a variety of things, I just don't really recount them enough to really notice. However, this week I have been reflecting quite a bit on all the different things I've learned and it is quite the list.

Things I've learned over the past week:

  • More times than not, I have grease under my fingernails. So much for pretty "girly" hands. I'll have to have those later in life. For now, much of my life is spent on a bike, and fixing the bike/chain...therefore, grease is inevitable.
  • If you paint your fingernails, you cannot see the grease as easily. It is faster than cleaning them out with one of those brush things. If we had one, I wouldn't even know where to look for it.
  • Having to keep your house immaculate because you are selling it, while you are training for the Ironman... well.. it sucks. I need to be able to keep my dirty nasty laundry right where I throw it in my closet. The man said that I can no longer do this. Since he's not around, I thought about trying, but then again, I want to sell my house and if it smells like a big sweat ball, we probably won't. Dang it.
  • Triathlon brings you together with people you would have never met otherwise. I've been riding with a new guy, since my other guy has been tapering the last few weeks for IM Wisconsin. He's very nice, and our paths would have never crossed otherwise. That is why triathlon is cool.
  • I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, more than I care to admit. I just don't understand the dynamics of this whole situation. I can only imagine it must be that I am eating like I am 3 people instead of 1. It's getting annoying though. If I wanted to spend this much time in there I would be been, well, a man. They are always in there reading the paper and such. I'm sorry to be so graphic, but I think those training for Ironman should know this is a reality.
  • I no longer care about fashion, or doing my hair. I used to need 10-15 full minutes to get ready after the morning workouts to head out of the locker room to start my day. This "getting ready time" has now been cut down to between 5-7 minutes. I spend so much time packing my gym stuff, I don't even care much about my outfit as long as it's well, appropriate for work and clothes. That's it, those are the only requirements. I probably spend more total time in the bathroom, than I do getting ready. How weird is that?
  • It's all about perspective. A ride of 5.5 hours no longer seems that long...I'm actually happy when I see that on the schedule. I never thought I would say that!!
  • I use hand sanitizer, I wash my hands between 4 and 10 times per day, and I am drinking out of water bottles that are full of black dots, which I am pretty sure are mold, on a daily basis. Now this my friends, make no sense whatsoever! I've got two choices the way I see it since I've been using some of these since, well, last year. I can buy new ones, or I can let Clorox sit in them for a few days, which would probably require me buying new ones since I need them basically every day.

  • I love blogs. One, because I meet new friends (well, through the Internet but who cares how it's done, it's done). Two, because I get to see that I am not alone in this crazy training mess. Three, because its cathartic to get your thoughts down on paper. In addition, it helps me keep up with many friends and family at the same time. They actually seem to like sharing my journey and that is kind of cool.

  • I'm starting to feel a bit prepared for Kona. With that said, I am not trying to say I am overly ready, or that I feel I am going to something spectacular there; I'm just saying that I am starting to feel confident that even amongst the harsh conditions, barring some disaster, I can probably finish. It is a good feeling after a solid three months of training, and I am thankful for consistency and support that has started to creep into my mindset and make it feel possible. Only four more weeks of hard training and then two weeks of taper baby. Can you smell it!?!!

  • I have to get a new bathing suit. Mine is pretty much so loose it's like being naked. It's time to spring for one. Currently, it's so bad, I wouldn't even give it to goodwill. Not that they don't need suits, but then again, that's kind of gross anyway. They might want some one's old suit, but trust me when I say, they don't want this one. It's toast.
  • I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy. That's right.. full blown, utterly, addicted. If I knew what it was like to do drugs, and I don't, but if I did, I am pretty sure it would be similar to this addiction. Since I only have time to watch limited amounts of TV, the DVD set given to me by a co-worker is rocking my world. I love it! Press the button and BAM - you're able to watch right where you left off - NO COMMERCIALS. Its "da bomb" as they say back in good old Knox, PA.

So, that about covers it. That's what I have learned this week. Work is well, training is well and I am thankful. Now, if I could just get someone to come do these mounds of laundry I have been creating.. humm...

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