Thursday, November 20, 2008

Herding Cows

The view from my trainer. When the steam rises up off the lake in the early morning it's a bit like a magic show, and a rock concert. There are geese to watch and other critters so that keeps it interesting.

Well, I didn't think this was my calling, and now I am absolutely sure that it is not. When I set out on a run yesterday down my usual snowy winding dirt road I could see a small black figure standing in the middle of the road. I was convinced it was a dog until I ran within about 100 feet and just what I was afraid of, is what it turned out to be - a baby calf.

After turning off my loud techno beats, like any good women in my situation would do (what can we say, it's instinct) began talking to the little guy. The snow was dancing in front of my eyes and my breath was producing a haze and I can only imagine I looked scary even at 5'4", so I squatted down a little bit when I got within ten feet. I could see the full black mother cow standing right inside the fence. Yeah, I get that, "I'd be right there too" I thought, "if my baby were outside and couldn't get back in!" It made me sad feeling like they were separated and right then baby took off running alongside the fence in the direction up the road and away from me. The baby ran, the momma ran, and what the heck, I ran too, not fast, just in a jogging / still talking to the baby - "where you going little guy, don't be afraid, I'm just trying to help, how did you get out here!" As if the thing was going to answer me back!!!

Finally, at the end of the pasture it turned sharply to the right where the fence followed and there they went, running along side one another and low and behold, at some point, that thing snuck right back in the fence. I was elated. I was flabbergasted!! I was just so dang happy those two kids were back together and happy again. Momma moooo'ed a lot which I was thinking was scolding, or at least I hoped it was. From there, I ran off feeling a small sense of accomplishment even though I'm not really sure I did much of anything.

There is a science to this.. what, don't believe me. See Diagram A. Below!

Diagram A.

When I finally arrived home I had a couple of things already checked off - running (check!), herding baby cow back to its mother (double check!!). It was going to be a good day. I wish I would have had my camera. I guess I need to take it every time, you just never know about the adventures you might find.

In other news, if you use lotions with some of that self tanning stuff in the months after the numbers have been burned into your arm at Ironman you might want to rethink wearing anything without sleeves for awhile...
Can you see the 2 - 0 of 1720. Yep, it actually darkens the numbers. Interesting...It's like my own personal tattoo reminder. On second thought, it's cool. I'm going to show it off!!

This is a stink bug. I found him on my trash can which was very appropriate. I almosted tried to kill him, but I guess that lets the stink out. So, just took him outside where he can lead a normal stink bug life.I had to do it. I'm not a sticker on the Honda Accord kind of girl, but I bought two and one was already on the bike box. It was time to put it out there. I've had the car for almost three years, no stickers, until now. I suppose I was proud I joined the club!

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