Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Drinks

The Free Drinks!

I brought a cowboy hat thinking that I might need it for something. I don't think I've worn it once but I just figured if there was somewhere to wear it, it might be here. So far, I'll we've done it play dress up!

I think I have entered a new era. Either that, or because we were wearing our bathing suits our bartendar was being "overly nice," but either way, we walked away with a few free drinks today at the bar. I really only wanted ONE drink, something fruity and girly, you know the yummy frothy ones. However, the bartendar had other ideas and passed the leftovers from some other snazzy drinks on to Lissa and I. I really don't drink that much and believe me, over here, you couldn't unless you were pretty rich at 8.00 a piece. I actually said to Lissa that I was planning to do a little open water swimming after this but I might have been too drunk at that point to:

A. feel safe

B. want to

C. not throw up in the water

I decided to nap instead for a bit and I did do about 30 minutes and that was fun and didn't involve seeing my drinks again so that was good.

Work was good today. I managed to get up and go to the gym to do a hard 45 min run on the treadmill before getting ready in 10 minutes and rushing to our meeting. We were all pretty focused because we wanted to get out by 1:30pm (started at 8am) so that was nice. The morning went fast and I was getting lunch and off to the private island by 2:00pm.

The water taxi!

The view from the boat of our hotel

We had a nice afternoon of playing with the flamingos, blabbing about who we took to every high school dance from 9th to 12th grade, and hopefully not getting burnt. Not getting burnt is a sport here in Aruba. You're so close to the equator! You have to put on sunscreen like it is your job!
Right after this he opened wide and I got scared and ran~

Dinner under the stars with the company

Dinner last night was so much fun. We ate at a place like george and the jungle. Ok...well, not exactly but it was outside..the whole restaurant was outside. Very cool. They had little areas built with wood or canopies but our table was completely under the stars. The floor was well, rocks and the trees were lite with christmas lights. Teki tourches were everywhere and lighted our path. The food was excellent which I think I finally got served around 9:30pm. I thought I might eat the table cloth, but they brought the bread just in time.

Pre-swim modeling dorky pose!

We're having a great time and hopefully the blog is working to let everyone know we are not getting into trouble (not too much anyway), and phone service is still 1.99 per min. so don't expect any calls. We miss you all, and will talk to you soon.

Have a great week everyone! Happy swimming, biking and running..do some for me!!

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