Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I heart Aruba

The Water Taxi on the Island Side

I know, I know.. you all are sick of hearing about my trip. I'd like to say I am sick of it too, but the truth is - I'm not even close. I guess living through a very hard winter in PA and training in rain, sleet, snow, ice, and all other sorts of nastiness will do that to you. Bring on the sun- that's what I say about it. I hear nice weather is on the way, so don't give up hope fellow PA'ers.

A new friend, his name is Herman

Today wasn't too exciting. I got up early again (and when I say early, I mean not even close to normal early - I can't get to bed before 11:30 because of our marathon dinners that start at 7:30pm and end at 10:45pm, so early is realtive for sure!). The gym here is beautiful and has everything I need, now if I would just spend a little time there! I rode the bike for a bit (you know..those um..electronic kind..not spin bike or anything), and really tried to simulate my "speed bike" for the week.

I'm pretty sure the rest of the people at the gym thought I was nuts the way I was huffing and puffing and sweating everywhere. It was actually flying off me at one point and I thought about warning the guy who decided to jump on the recumbant bike next to me that he might want to give me some space, or put up some kind of towel gard against me or something. He braved it though so I guess he was ok with it!

The meeting went well and I only got yelled at once for checking my cell phone (whoops!). Six hours of sitting in the same room is ROUGH. We did it though and when we were let out at 1:30 I was running to get my suit on!

Lissa and I at dinner last night

Then it clouded over.

Boo hoo.. ohhh woo is me...ha.

Don't despair.. we went shopping. After getting a few surprises for family we headed back to the room and are getting ready for dinner again. I swear, all we do is eat around here. Normally, I would be thinking I would gain ten pounds on this dang trip but luckily I found out there are NO CALORIES on the island.. Not even one. So, that's a good thing. I said "whew, that was a close one!"

I leave you with some pics! I wish you were all here.. Jen, Beth, ADC, Marit, Maija, Heidi and everyone else who for some strange reason reads this blog.. next time I will pile you all in my suitcase and that will give me more motivation to train. Either that, or NONE of us will train and then I won't feel bad at all about it.

Have a great night everyone! I miss you family!

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