Friday, April 17, 2009

I can sweat more than you can sweat...

Kim / sweaty mess on the trainer on Wednesday

I'll take you on, any day of the week, any time of the day..indoors on the trainer, out in the sun. I can sweat with the best of them. I'm not sure what has given me this freakish ability to lose water and salt but during a race like Hawaii it resulted in me having to drink 24 oz of Mark Allen Fluid Energizer drink per hour and 10 oz of water (for a total of 34 oz of fluid per hour). I didn't feel dehydrated throughout the marathon, but I sure had some GI issues from all that fluid needing to be absorbed but my body not wanting to really go that route so instead I made friends with a bush and those port-a-pots along the way. I've got to get that one figured out if there is ever a next time!

I'm not proud of being a ridiculously sweaty girl. It makes for a bad time if I have to run back and get my cell phone once I realize at the airport check-in that I have left it in my car and only have 30 minutes to start boarding the plane. I was wearing cashmere no less as I dropped a 6:30 mile through the parking lot of the Pittsburgh airport. I had a small party for myself after I made it to the gate, sweat dripping down my face, stomach, and arms. I'm pretty sure people in security didn't feel like being nice letting me in front, they probably thought I had some sort of condition. Either way, it helped me make that flight, cell phone in hand. I guess being a runner does have some other side benefits.

As I said earlier in the week though, I'm ready to throw my trainer out the window. Tomorrow is supposed to be almost 70 degrees. Although at 8am I'm pretty sure it will be more like 40 degrees, I'm all in for bundling up and then stripping down as the 4 hour ride wears on into the morning. I'll be flying solo, I guess it's time to pick out a route and go for it!

I'm not sure if you have seen these commercials yet, but they are hilarious. I think they are for weight watches and our little orange friend here is named HUNGRY. I have been looking for an icon of sorts to represent what gets me up in the middle of the night during IM training to eat a granola bar and drink a big glass of milk so I can go back to sleep. Well, here he is. Meet HUNGRY. He's cute, and scary and he won't let me go back to sleep if I wake up in the morning on the weekend unless I pile something in there. Not cool HUNGRY. Seriously HUNGRY can't you cut a girl some slack. People probably think it's so great being able to eat what you want or to be able to be hungry and then fulfill that need. Well, let me tell you, my metabolism sometimes is nothing but annoying. I know I need to keep it in check, but it is a never ending battle for me and HUNGRY and I have words sometimes.

Here is HUNGRY with his dump truck. At least he has a sense of humor I guess.

The last of the news is that I am off to Aruba for work. I know, start hating me now. Three days of meetings, and two days of play (and trying to train throughout all of it) should be fun and interesting. My bathing suit is tiny and packed. My sister-in-law will be going so I'm super excited to spend some time with her and she's the first one to ever come on one of my work trips so it will be nice to have a friend along. I'll post pictures and let you all know how it is! Happy Training Everyone! Have a great weekend!

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