Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tape Worm

(Note: These pictures have nothing to do with this post, but I think a post without pictures sometimes can get boring so I'm making an effort to put anything at all up that I have.. which isn't much, but I'm doing it anyway - so here you go! Enjoy the randomness of it all. Lastly, I would like to give a quick shout out to Kiet, for battling at IM Canda this past weekend.. he's such a trooper and someone I look up to immensely, if you haven't read his blog - you should, he's funny, smart, raises money for cancer in honor of his Mother, and has a sense of humor about all of this.. which heaven knows, we need)!

I'm pretty sure I have one. Gross.. maybe. Honest.. definitely. How the heck did I get so HUNGRY all the time.

Every morning the same thing occurs:

4:30am.. it's dark.. it's early. I'm not quite ready to open my eyes yet.. I check the clock.. yes, at least 30 more minutes of sleeping! Wait.. ahhh.. it hurts. What is that.. oh man.. my stomach is so empty.. (insert grumbling by stomach in a low but insistent grrrrrr...). Oh NO! Not you again.. seriously. I need to start keeping peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by my bed. This is ridiculous!

Is anyone else out there dealing with this phenomenon? I don't know about you, but I've about had it. They are starting to call me the human vacuum cleaner at the office. My husband said "you sure are looking skinny" this weekend. For heaven sake man - I'm eating the whole dang place! What do you want me to do!

20 hours or so of training will do that to you and darn it, I even missed a workout!
The good news is this week is a small decline in the total amount of hours so I'm not quite my usual mad self with trying to fit everything in. I'm using that time to strategize, plan for the future and prepare for the weeks ahead (aka buy wedding gifts, attempt to get organized - notice i said attempt, go to Pitt masters swimming for the first time).

If I could do ONE thing this week that would make me happy, it would be go to Pitt Masters. I've manged to switch gyms because the new place is newer, closer, and cheaper. However, it does NOT have any masters swimming. Knowing this, I thought it would FORCE me to make the 25ish minute drive to Pitt Masters which seems to be producing MASSIVE amounts of extremely talented triathlon swimmers - aka Chad, Beth etc. etc. They are the who's who of swimming these days. They have a coach on deck which I think can be helpful too. They start at 5:45am.. my previous gym - 6:00am. You wouldn't think 15 mins would make that much of a difference. Well folks, for this chick, it does. That combined with me not knowing exactly how long it takes to get down there etc.. has manged to bollux me up for two weeks now.

It's time. I'm out of free passes. If I do ONE thing this week - I have to MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I manged to miss Monday and Wed. So, it has to be Thursday. Thursday at 5:45am if I am not at Pitt Masters, you have permission to call me names and tell me I am going to swim 1:07 mins in an Ironman swim for the rest of my life.

This my friends, will not make me happy. So, that should do it.
I'm excited to make it happen, but sometimes, you just need a little kick in the pants. So go ahead, give it to me!! Tell me a trick to just buck up and make it happen - call me names - tell me I stink at swimming - because darn it - do I want to get better or NOT! This is part of the plan and has been since January this year.

No more talking.

Actions speak louder than words.
And my stomach at 4:30am speaks louder than either.

Not cool, not cool.


Beth said...

You'll love it...and wonder why you've let 15 minutes keep you from going all year! ;)

Kiet said...

I gave up swimming before 7 AM about six years ago, saying that I used up all of my AM practices as a competitive swimmer. But lately, I've been going to the 6 AM once per week because it's a great workout, i.e. lots of fast swimmers. I'm your accountability partner and you have to be accountable to me to make the AM practice Thursday morning. I'll check in with you before and after to make you accountable!

Chad Holderbaum said...

I drive to Pitt from Irwin which means I have to be out the door by 5:15am Kim!!! Up at 4:40. No excuses! See you at practice on Thursday. Swim with us 3 days a week, and you'll be under an hour by next season. I'm not kidding!!!

SK said...

I'm no master at this whole triathlon thing, Kim, but I do keep a note...right by my bed...that reads "triathletes sweat chlorine."
I see it, and I can smell the pool.
I head to campus, and that's that.

Kim said...

gosh i hate swimming. in fact i havent swam since my last triathlon. last month. i really need to get in the pool :) thanks for the reminder lady.

Christi said...

Go to masters' swim! I am sure you will love it!